New York FLSA Wage & Overtime Claims

The U.S. Department of Labor passed the Fair Labor Standards Act to protect employees from employers who might take advantage of the necessity of people to make a living by forcing them to work long hours for little pay. Along with minimum wage and overtime, the FLSA regulates hours worked, youth employment, and the record keeping required of businesses in regards to working hours and fair pay. The FLSA is only as effective, though, as its enforcement, and the Department of Labor depends upon employees to report violations by the people and companies for whom they work.

Wage & Hour Law in New York

Minimum wage in the state of New York is $9.00 per hour, $1.75 above the federal minimum wage of $7.25. In New York City, however, minimum wage is $12.00 an hour for small employers and $13.00 an hour for large employers, as of 2017. Hourly workers are entitled to one and a half times standard pay for any time worked over 40 hours per week.

The FLSA Wage and Hour Law also dictates working hours for youth under 16 years of age. Teenagers ages 14 and 15 are permitted to work for no more than three hours on a school day, or more than 18 hours in a school week. Youth under 16 may also not start work prior to 7 a.m. or work past 7 p.m.

New York Wage & Hour Attorneys

When you are employed by a business or individual in the United States, you are entitled to certain working conditions and protections under the law. Getting help confronting an employer who violates FLSA law, and forcing them to comply, does not only protect you and your rights as a working individual, but can help protect other current employees and future hires of the company.

If your employer is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act or the wage laws of New York, small New York law firm Mann & Associates, PLLC will represent you with experienced and honest service, helping you take the legal steps needed to make sure your employer complies with all wage and hour regulations in the state and city of New York, so you get fair pay for fair hours with protection from retribution.

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