New York Real Estate Attorneys

When you’re looking to buy or sell a property, you have more to think about than just the number of bedrooms and which features and appliances need an upgrade. A real estate transaction is a major financial decision that requires ample planning and consideration on the part of both buyer and selling. Consulting an attorney with an in-depth understanding of real estate law in New York before you sign a real estate contract is one of the wisest things you can do to ensure a real estate sale goes off without a hitch, all contracts are sound, and you have peace of mind.

Real Estate Contract Consultation and Negotiation

Though the sale may be mutual, there are two sides to every real estate deal, and it’s in each party’s best interest to look after their own wants and needs in the transaction. With such a substantial investment on the line, trying to get through the legalese and ensure everything you want in the contract is there by yourself is never a good idea. The first priority of your attorneys in representing you on a real estate deal is to read through all that complicated legal jargon, ensuring all agreements are included in the contract, so there are no surprises after you sign.

Your attorneys are also your team in the real estate deal, helping you fight for your own interests, negotiate the terms and conditions you need to make the deal work throughout the process, so you can get the bargain you want, while still having time to prepare to move into your new home, or move on after selling your property.

New York Real Estate Attorneys

Buying or selling real estate is a relatively straightforward legal process with a ton of paperwork and a huge financial stake. If you are selling your New York property, or looking for a place to buy in Manhattan, any of the boroughs, or New Jersey, Mann & Associates, PLLC will provide you with experienced, honest, reliable real estate representation. Our small firm is dedicated to giving clients attentive, cost efficient service so the buying or selling process goes as smoothly as possible, without adding too much additional expense on top of an already time-consuming and financially burdensome process.

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